Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

Nov 14, 2022

From 30 October 2022, the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa allows individuals to live and work in the country. If you would like to live and work in sunny Portugal, maybe this visa is right for you.

The Digital Nomad Visa or Portugal D7 Visa is a special type of visa that allows foreigners to legally stay in Portugal and live in the country, especially while doing remote work.

The difference between a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa and a Portugal Tourist Visa is the amount of time allowed to stay in the country. A Tourist Visa will allow you to stay up to 90 days, in contrast, a Digital Nomad Visa can extend your stay for up to a year or more.

The Portugal Digital Nomad Visa is divided into two categories.

Short stay
This first is aimed at remote workers looking to stay temporarily in Portugal for up to one year.

Residency permit
This second is for digital nomads who are looking to secure a residency visa in Portugal.

To be eligible, remote workers will need to prove a monthly income that is four times the amount of the current minimum wage in Portugal, and provide a work contract or proof that they are self-employed.

The current minimum monthly wage in Portugal is €705 but is increasing to €750 in 2023.

In situations of subordinate work, one of the following documents:

Work contract;

  • Promise of employment contract;
  • Declaration of the employer proving the employment relationship.

In situations of independent professional activity, one of the following documents:

  • Articles of association;
  • Service provision contract;
  • Written proposal for a contract for the provision of services;
  • Document demonstrating the services provided to one or more entities;
  • Proof of average monthly income earned in the last three months in the exercise of a subordinate professional or independent activity of a minimum value equivalent to four guaranteed minimum monthly remunerations;
  • Document proving fiscal residence.

As can be seen from the analysis of the documentation for the application for a residence visa for remote workers, there are only two requirements that differ from the previous D7 visa:

  • Proof of average monthly income in the last three months with a minimum value equivalent to 2820 euros (in 2022) and 3040 euros (in 2023);
  • Document proving the fiscal residence of the Applicant.

Digital nomads can apply for the Digital Nomad Visa from the Portuguese Consulate in their home country. If the applicant is already in Portugal, they can apply at SEF, the Foreign Borders Office in Portugal.

So, where are the best places in Portugal for digital nomads?

This will depend on what you are looking for. Cities such as Lisbon, Porto, Braga, and Coimbra are good options to consider. Peniche and Sagres are good options if you want to be located right on the seafront. Another important benefit: Portugal has an excellent healthcare system, and the faculty also extends to digital nomads. If you have qualified for all the residency formalities, then you will be able to access the healthcare system in Portugal.

Portugal is quickly becoming a hotspot for digital nomads wanting to base themselves in Europe thanks to its good infrastructure, affordable cost of living, and generous visa scheme. If you see this as an opportunity live and work abroad, improve your lifestyle, then this residency permit is the perfect fit for you.

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