MB Consulting is proud sponsor of the BMW X2 PROTO team

MB Consulting is proud sponsor of the BMW X2 PROTO team

MB Consulting is proud sponsor of the BMW X2 PROTO team for the Portuguese Cross Country Championship 🏁🇵🇹

In February 16 2023, took place in the main lobby of Casino Estoril the official presentation of the BMW X2 PROTO Project in a private event for pilots and sponsors.

The team is formed by the pilot Filipe Cachopas and the navigator Victor Jesus, being the first time that one of the most consecrated Portuguese navigators takes on a project from scratch in the T8 category. Victor Jesus’ experience will be fundamental for the evolution of both Filipe Cachopas and the car itself.

This project is assisted by the SGS Car Racing team and aims to carry out the 7 races of the Portuguese All-Terrain Championship:

📍 Baja Montes Alentejanos/ESC Online
📍 Baja Extremadura
📍 Baja Norte de Portugal
📍 Baja Loulé
📍 Baja Oeste de Portugal
📍 Baja Sharish/ESC Online
📍 Baja Portalegre ACP

The BMW X2 PROTO team is certainly prepared to be competitive and compete for good results during of the Portuguese All-Terrain Championship and has the support of MB Consulting!


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