Comporta: Beaches that are true “hidden gems” in Portugal

Jan 6, 2023

Unlike anywhere you’ve been before, Comporta is one of the most prestigious beaches in Europe.

If you are thinking of visiting Lisbon during the summer season, include a getaway to Praia da Comporta in your itinerary, the view is heavenly. Located just 1h20 south of Lisbon, it is within the limits of the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, the beach is extremely preserved, with white sands and crystalline blue sea, The “Caribbean” of Europe.

When people talk about Comporta, they are referring to the region around it: Herdade da Comporta is a curve of coast between the Sado Estuary and the sea, 12,500 hectares comprising seven villages: Pego, Carvalhal, Brejos, Torre, Possanco, Carrasqueira and also Comporta.

The Comporta’s beache is one of the most sought after tourist beaches, with many services on the beach, good cafes and restaurants, shops selling cool local brands and interesting people. But the whole region is well cared for, surprisingly preserved and untouched. The coast in this region has a huge variety of beaches for all types of tastes, from the most deserted and difficult to access to the most touristy and with more infrastructure.

A little more history

The name Comporta, roughly translated, means a gate that retains water, a lock. Which makes sense when you see how many channels there are. This is rice paddy land. Large striped rice fields, the largest in Portugal, stretch along the coast, protected from harsh Atlantic breezes by sand dunes. They are kept green and plentiful by criss-crossing irrigation canals. In the heat of summer, when the rest of the country (except the Algarve’s golf courses) is dry and dusty, this area still buzzes with life. Rice farmers have been in Comporta since the beginning of time, as well as fishermen and salt workers. They shaped the look of the landscape in this part of Portugal, dotted with cork trees, covered in bright red poppies and yellow carpets of wildflowers, and they conserved the unique architecture – small, low, thatched huts, surrounded by tightly packed grass from the streams and wooden beams from the pine forests.

Best time to visit

The sea at Comporta is delicious in the summer, with pleasant temperatures and a pleasant breeze. The period between May and October has less precipitation and is therefore the best time to visit. However, if you want to reduce the chances of rain during the period as much as possible, it is recommended to visit the beaches between June and August.

Amazing experiences

One of the unmissable experiences in Comporta is the “Cavalos na Areia” tour, lasting 1h30. In addition to strolling along the incredible beaches, you have the opportunity to pass by the green rice fields and typical fishermen’s houses.

Don’t miss the sunset at Porto Palafitico da Carrasqueira, an old fishermen’s port, made between the 50’s and 60’s made with irregular wooden stakes. Although they seem fragile, they last until today and some boatmen still anchor there.

And finally, for food lovers, the Adega at Herdade da Comporta is a program that cannot be missed on your visit to the region, as well as Mercearia Gomes, a small market that sells everything imaginable, from all over the world.

Hotels that offer an excellent experience

Sublime Comporta

Nestled on a stunning 17-hectare estate, surrounded by undulating umbrella pines, cork trees and wild sand dunes, is Sublime Comporta – a magical, unspoiled place where nature presides. The resort has 23 rooms and suites and 22 two to five bedroom villas. Each villa has a private pool, fireplace and large outdoor areas. These are spread across the resort adding to intimacy of hotel.

Spatia Comporta

At Spatia Comporta, and at the Spatia Beach Club, space and time are yours to enjoy as you wish. No rush, no noisy traffic, just the tranquility of the pine forest, the sand and the gentle crash of the waves. Club Spatia is at the heart of the resort. Located in the main building, the club offers an exclusive hotel service in a family atmosphere, where you can find the reception, lounge area, restaurant with breakfast service, outdoor swimming pools for adults and children, and a bar.

Almalusa Comporta

AlmaLusa Hotels believe in authentic travel experiences. The brand’s properties are small in size, for a cosy and intimate feel. Rooms and public facilities feature local and national products and handmade decorative objects crafted by local artisans, for an authentic Portuguese experience. The food and beverages are made with the freshest in-season ingredients, locally grown. A curated selection of activities and local experiences is also made available to our guests.

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