Why is living in Portugal the best choice?

Fev 8, 2023

Living in Portugal is the most secure bet someone can make. When making a life shift, you must evaluate the cost of living, as well as the health and safety conditions of the new location. However, living a high-quality life can be very expensive.

When moving abroad, there is a lot to consider. Will you require medical coverage? How much is enough to have a comfortable life? And of course, where are you going to live and work?

What if you could, not only live with comfort, but also have the possibility of cutting your expenses in half? The International Living ranked the 10 cheapest (and best) places to live, and look which country is on top:

  1. Portugal; 
  2. Mexico; 
  3. Panama;
  4. Ecuador; 
  5. Costa Rica;
  6. Spain; 
  7. Greece; 
  8. France;
  9. Italy;
  10. Thailand. 

Living somewhere that is reasonably priced is with no doubt a characteristic to search for, but Portugal that’s not the only characteristic that makes Portugal the best place to live. Let’s check out!


Portugal offers the finest value when it comes to money. According to Forbes, Portugal is the least expensive place to live in the entire world. And citizens in North America get even more benefits.

With around 2800 dollars, a couple can easily pay all expenses, and a single person could reach a comfortable and quality living with 2000 dollars. Not to mention the simple process of getting a resident visa in Portugal.

Not only that, the extra costs with health are a lot lighter.


The Portuguese National Health Service is a nationwide network of 120,000 healthcare workers, over 1500 public hospitals, and health clinics. 

 It was established in 1979, and all Portuguese citizens have free, unlimited access to it. If you reside in Portugal, using this service is completely unrestricted.


 While living in Portugal, you don’t need to be concerned about any risks. Portugal was ranked fourth among the world’s most peaceful nations in the World Population Review of 2022, which also placed it third among the safest nations.


 Portugal provides families with a great free education system, and there are several options for schools and institutions in Portugal. 

 The Portuguese education system is well-known for its excellent quality, and Portuguese institutions are internationally renowned, attracting many international students. 

 Because Portugal is a member of the European Union (EU), graduates can easily find a job in any EU nation. So, not only does it attend education expectations, but also job expectations. 

English language

 Although the official language in Portugal is the Portuguese language, you will always find someone who speaks English everywhere you go. 

 Especially in touristic places and hospitals. Portugal has the seventh-highest English proficiency among non-native speakers in the world. So even if you’re not familiar with the language, you still won’t be lost.

Life in Portugal

Portugal is a country with so many advantages, as we’ve seen. It’s not an expensive place to live. Although, like every time you move to a different country and culture, there are some things to consider.

Even though you can get around with English, you will need to expand your vocabulary in Portuguese, especially in governmental offices. You can and will find your way in touristic places and in the streets, but the bureaucracy needs the language.

By the way, bureaucracy is also a big concern for foreigners, but for Portuguese people as well! The population agrees that most things in Portugal take a while, and also an amount of paperwork.

Of course, the cost of living in bigger cities like Lisbon will be more than smaller cities, but the advantages are more than enough to make living in Portugal worth it.

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