This proves that Aveiro is the Venice of Portugal

Mai 22, 2023

Aveiro is a city in central Portugal. It is considered one of the biggest tourist spots in the center of the country, and this is especially true because it is known as the Venice of Portugal.

This nickname is given especially by the various navigation channels around the city. In addition to giving a romantic air, remembering the city of Italy.

The city still has much more to offer. Check out!

Aveiro - Portugal

Aveiro – Portugal

Aveiro – What to do:

Aveiro Canals

Aveiro is a quiet city and a stroll through its historic center is one of the main attractions. It’s where you can walk along the charming canals, which is definitely the most popular tour and can be booked online.

Costa Nova houses

Another postcard of Aveiro are the colorful houses of Costa Nova. The story goes that the fishermen who lived in the region began to paint their houses to be recognized from a distance when they returned from their trips on the high seas.

Today some are still residences, but others have become restaurants and attractions for tourists, but all of them will make for beautiful photos.

O Museum of Aveiro

The Aveiro Museum is housed in the former Dominican convent of Convento de Jesus, founded in 1458. Infanta Joana, daughter of Afonso V, lived there and was blessed in 1693.

Therefore, one of the museum’s main artifacts is the tomb of Santa Joana, a masterpiece of Baroque art. Visits also include the Church of Jesus, with its gilded carvings and Portuguese tiles, and the Convent with its chapel, chapter room and refectory.

Aveiro beaches

There are two options closest to the center of Aveiro: Praia da Barra and Costa Nova. Praia da Barra is famous for its lighthouse, one of the tallest in Portugal and where the Ria de Aveiro meets the sea.

So, in addition to enjoying the warmer days in the sand and fresh water, you can watch the boats entering and leaving the estuary, and watch surfers and windsurfers.

Another beach very popular with surfers is Costa Nova, mainly due to its rough seas. Wide stretches of white sand and a few beach pavilions guarantee a great break by the sea.

Aveiro, in addition to proving itself to be the Venice of Portugal, has a lot to offer. Want to know more about life in Portugal?

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