Lisbon and Porto Among the World’s Best Cities for Startups

Jul 27, 2023

In 2023, Lisbon ranks 62nd globally as one of the most favorable cities for startup development. However, Portugal has more to offer in this regard, with Porto, Braga, Coimbra, Leiria, and Aveiro also making it to the list of the top 1000 cities worldwide for creating and fostering startups.

Portuguese cities among the 1,000 best in the world for startups

 Unsurprisingly, the Portuguese capital takes the lead in the country when it comes to providing a conducive business environment for startups, particularly in the marketing and sales sectors. Lisbon now proudly holds the 62nd position in the world’s best cities for startups in 2023, climbing 21 spots from the previous ranking. At the European level, Lisbon secures an impressive 16th position. These rankings are based on a study conducted by HelloSafe, a platform that compares financial products, using data sourced from StartupBlink.

Following closely is Portugal’s second most well-placed city, Porto, securing the 147th spot on the list. Porto’s startup market is notably focused on e-commerce and retail, as indicated by the same report. The third position among Portuguese cities goes to Braga, which currently ranks 424th globally in this edition.

Completing the Portuguese presence among the top 1000 cities for startups in 2023 are Coimbra at the 557th position (dropping 116 places), Leiria at the 639th position (rising from 965th place), and Aveiro at the 739th position (falling from its previous 667th spot).

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Source: – HelloSafe – Startup Blink

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