Portugal continues to offer the best golden visas in the world

Mar 4, 2024 | Uncategorized

Portugal remains at the forefront of the global golden visa landscape, offering unparalleled opportunities for investors seeking residency in a foreign country.

In a recent ranking of the world’s golden visa programs, Portugal once again emerged as the leader. According to a comprehensive index compiled by consultancy firm Henley & Partners, Portugal stands out for its combination of affordability, high quality of life, and access to other European nations. The country also provides a clear pathway to EU citizenship, making it an attractive destination for investors worldwide. Austria and Greece shared the second position in the ranking, reflecting the strong appeal of European residency-by-investment programs.

Despite some criticism of residence-by-investment programs, commonly known as golden visas, these initiatives have continued to thrive, offering foreign investors the opportunity to secure permanent residency through an initial investment. European countries, in particular, have garnered attention for their relatively straightforward citizenship pathways, visa-free travel within the EU, and favorable business and living conditions.

Portugal continues to offer the best golden visas in the world.

Portugal continues to offer the best golden visas in the world.

Juerg Steffen, Chief Executive Officer of Henley & Partners, emphasized the enduring popularity of European residence-by-investment programs, citing their alignment with leading global economies and potential for mitigating country-specific risks.

While golden visas have faced scrutiny over their potential impact on real estate markets, countries like Portugal have taken steps to address concerns, such as the removal of tax incentives for expatriates. Nevertheless, Portugal remains a magnet for foreign investment, drawing high-net-worth individuals seeking new opportunities.

Looking ahead, Henley & Partners projects a significant influx of affluent individuals relocating globally in 2024, with Americans leading the pack in applying for golden visas through consultancy services.

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Source: Bloomberg

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