Portugal Digital Nomad Visa: A guide to the best destinations and workplaces

Dez 12, 2022

In this article we are going to cover the most popular destinations for Digital Nomads in Portugal and excellent places to work remotely while residing in Portugal.

As we have recently published on our Blog, the Portuguese visa law for digital nomads, which came into force on October 30, 2022, allows foreigners to stay in Portugal for a year to work remotely.

First, lets dive deeper into the aspects that make Portugal ideal for digital nomads working remotely.

Portugal enjoys nice and warm weather, with dry summers and wet winters. The sun shines around 3,000 hours a year and the warm sea breeze from the Atlantic Ocean is always a pleasant gift.

Natural Beauty
Portugal is home to a diverse landscape. Rolling plains, sandy beaches, massive mountains, and dense forests are a few of its magnificent features.

Cost of living

Portugal is arguably the cheapest country to live in Western Europe. From groceries to accommodation, you can find everything at reasonable costs, so your stay is fun while being light on the pocket.


Added to the above, Portugal has business-friendly policies and is one of the safest countries in the world. Plus, its friendly locals are always ready to welcome new people.

Second, choose your stay in Portugal, but remember, as a digital nomad, you can choose to spend some time in each one and enjoy what each one has to offer:


The capital of Portugal and its largest city, Lisbon, has recently been flocked with digital nomads and remote workers. Compared to other capitals in European countries, Lisbon is cheap in terms of living costs. With all the amenities a digital nomad needs, affordable prices, plus lots of like-minded people around, Lisbon is a fantastic place for digital nomads. It’s especially a great destination if you’re looking for other digital nomads to interact and share coworking spaces with.


Porto is arguably the second-best destination for digital nomads after Lisbon. Compared to the latter, it is cheaper and less crowded. Plus, it has colorful streets, inexpensive wines, and an excellent healthcare system.

The Algarve
The Algarve offers a peaceful environment, stunning views of a beautiful coastline, and loads of water-based activities. Although you won’t find many digital nomads here, there are a reasonable number of coworking spaces you can join.


With a rich history, some of Portugals oldest cathedrals, and a bright nightlife, Braga is another excellent option for digital nomads looking for cheap places to live in Portugal.


If you are a surfing enthusiast this is the perfect place to stay. Located on the west coast of Portugal, about an hour northwest of Lisbon, it is a stronghold for surfers who promote competitions that bring fans passionate about surfing throughout the year.

And how about living and working on a beautiful island?

This is a perfect destination wishing to experience the island life of Portugal. It has a cozy year-round temperature and many English-speaking folks, so you don’t struggle to communicate.

After choosing the best destination to stay, you need places to work, right? And since you don’t need just a table and coffee to settle into your new work environment, we’ve separated some incredible coworking spaces:

Liberdade229 – Lisboa

This one is a significant coworking spot in central Lisbon. Besides, the offices are spacious and reflect plenty of natural light. These also feature a communal kitchen along with posh and hygienic bathrooms.


Porto I/o – Porto

Porto i/o in Porto is a great way to meet and socialize with other digital nomads in the north of the city. The offices are situated at four locations: Douro Riverside, downtown, Santa Catarina, and the last one on the seaside. Being a creative coworking spot, they organize regular lectures, workshops, and talks.


Lacs – Lisbon / Cascais / Obidos
Buildings were designed with the aim of providing our members with the possibility to share workspaces, enjoy common services, benefit from flexibility, create networking and expand their business.


CoworkCascais – Cascais

Since 2014, CoworkCascais is “pure cowork”. Pure as the nature that surrounds it. Many projects have been born here, many ideas have been developed, many companies have grown. And counting.


Largo – Peniche

Largo is located in a quiet area of the Peniche and is the only co-work hub in the district. The office is friendly, affordable, and provides all necessities for working.


Ocupa Cowork – Aveiro

If you wish to work from a place near the river channels, adequate sunlight, and coffee, Ocupa can be your office. This place also allows you to form networks and grow your business from a professional space.


Factory – Braga

Factory Braga is a modern and functional coworking space. You can work sitting in work pods, communal workspaces, or casually in their lounge area. In addition, you get access to amenities like free use of meeting rooms, Nintendo Wii, ping pong, and other perks.


Cowork Funchal – Madeira
Located in the capital city of Madeira, Cowork Funchal is a great choice for any remote workers who want to work in Funchal but also have access to a larger remote working community.


If you are not thinking about sharing your workplace, you will certainly need a good Internet connection:

Portugal ranks seventeenth in the list of countries that have the fastest internet connection in the world. The access speed of the internet is 34.5 megabits per second. Some of the well-known internet service providers are VODAFONE, MEO, and NOS. Apart from the internet connection, there is an extensive network of wifi hotspots spread across the country. You can find these at hotels, football stadiums, green public spaces, and airports. Besides, if you have just moved into the country and don’t intend to subscribe to a internet provider, mobile internet is a great alternative.

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